Technical Specification of Wisseloy Washing Machine

Washing Capacity (Kg)  9
Maximum spin speed (rpm)  1200
Energy grade  A+++
Annual energy consumption (kwh)  226
Energy consumption / cycle (kwh)  1.03
Annual water consumption (L)  11220
Water consumption/cycle (L)  51
Washing noise (dBA)  58
Spinning noise(dBA)  78
Safety & Control features
Digital display  OK
Time setting capability (1-24h) OK 
Spinning speed setting OK
Temperature setting (from 30 to 90)  OK
Remaining time display  OK
 Auto error detector  OK
 Washing program display  OK
 Child lock  OK
 Extra foam control  OK
 Temperature rise control  OK
 Water overload control  OK
  Washing programs
 Cotton  OK
 Heavy duty  OK
 Synthetics  OK
 Short time special washing  OK
Economic washing   OK
 Jeans or colored clothes  OK
 Bedsheet  OK
 Curtains  OK
 Sports wear  OK
 Shirt  OK
 Wool  OK
 sink  OK
 Spin  OK
 Drain  OK
Technical specifications, dimensions
 Product dimensions(CM)  85 * 59.5 * 61
 Packing dimensions(CM)  89 * 63.5 * 65
 Net weight (Kg)  71
 Drum volume(L)  72
 Cabin color  White / Silver
 Door color  Silver / Chrom
 Door diameter (CM)  46
 Door opening angle  180
 Adjustable feet  OK
 Power(KW),Electric current(A),Frequency(Hz)  50-220

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